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In The Groove

Developed by pathos engineers In the Groove is a phono pre amplifier, a successful product already known on the market but completely redesigned, which mounts high quality integrated circuits that adapt flexibly to any type of phono detector.

Solid-state analog product with passive RIAA preamplification consisting of two frames and equipped with multi-voltage linear power supply has three adjustments: impedance and capacity on the front panel while the sensitivity in the rear panel that allow you to find the right combination to have the best possible result and make the most of your system.

In fact, it is possible to finally tune the sound character obtainable from the analog source, according to your musical tastes, by varying the value of the impedance load. These are small changes that may or may not meet the taste of the listener but that precisely for this reason demonstrate the extreme flexibility and adaptability of this electronics.

Compactness and elegance

The material is aluminum, used both for painting and for the body, on the upper part is engraved the logo of the brand. Compact and elegant, it is an important accessory for your system and to fully appreciate the quality of vinyl.

Available in two customizable colors and associated with Converto Evo and AmpliD creates an ideal system for digital source and phono. Handmade product in Italy.

In The Groove

Technical Specifications

In The Groove

In The Groove

Frequency response RIAA ± 0.2dB
THD 0.04% @1VRMS , 1KHz
GAIN selectable in 4 positions
62dB, 56dB, 50dB, 43dB
Input impedance selectable in 6 settings
of resistance and 6 settings of capacitance
Max output level Unbalanced 5.5VRMS
Balanced 5.5+5.5VRMS
Analog output 1 unbalanced RCA stereo, 1 balanced XLR stereo
Impedance output Unbalanced 75 Ohm
Balanced 40 Ohm
Power consumption 10W max
<0.5W standby mode
Preamplifier 260mm (D) x 200mm (W) x 70mm (H)
Power supply 230mm (D) x 60mm (W) x 70mm (H)
Weight Net Preamplifier 2,3 Kg
Net Power supply 1,2 Kg

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Silver, Black with Silver knob