B&O Beolab 28


Sound of the studio
Adapts to anywhere
Stream it all
Pair of Beolab 28 and a Beovision Harmony tv in a living room
Slim shape. Cinematic scale.

Don’t be fooled by the looks. Press play and move through huge stereo soundscapes with Beolab 28. Years of acoustic excellence have led to this moment: hear every boom, breath and beat with a new level of clarity and depth. And when it comes to bass, it hits. Hard. Studio-grade quality, cinema-level goosebumps.


Amplify the action

Movie time? Plant a pair in front to soak in soaring stereo, or sit them behind your couch for spine-tingling surround sound. They even work in symphony with other Bang & Olufsen speakers and televisions. That’s the magic of Beolab 28 – made to make you feel like you’re really there.


Influence every moment

Make the moment yours with Beolab 28’s adaptable directional sound. For one-on-one sessions with your favourite artists, you can narrow the wood covers to create the ultimate listening sweetspot. For movie nights or dinner parties, open wide to fill your room with sound that captivates everyone.


Brace for the bass

Beolab 28 makes the most of its surroundings, adjusting the low end with active room compensation so the bass never underdelivers. They adapt wherever you place them – to make any room a sound studio, or a movie theatre. No corner or position too tight. Just perfect playback every time.

Product - Beolab 28 - Brand Reignite - T&I - Craftmanship
A long line of design

Inside Denmark’s Factory 5, Beolab 28 is born. Each aluminium piece is milled by metalworking maestros. Every speaker is wrapped in tactile fabric designed for acoustics. Then the final touch: oak from suppliers we’ve worked with for decades. Almost a century of knowledge goes into the craft – so you know that for years to come, it will still be standing tall.

Makes itself at home

Beolab 28 is the definition of versatile elegance. Just as at home on the wall or the floor, the sleek silhoutte delivers sculptural beauty and sweeping cinematic sound – from anywhere in the room.

  • Beolab 28 top details
  • Beolab 28 detail of the stand
Perfection? It’s personal.

Got a particular look in mind to make Beolab 28 harmonise with your space? Make it reality with our online customisation options. Or go through one of our dealers to choose fully bespoke materials to match your interiors.

Beolab 28 speakers, customize materials and colours
Detail shot of the UI panel of Beolab 28
Complete connection

Connect wirelessly, stream instantly and play it all. Designed to pair with classic products as well as future platforms, Beolab 28 works seamlessly with Airplay, Chromecast and Beolink. Each speaker also has an intuitive UI on top, so control is always at your fingertips.