1877Phono Zavfino Fina Power Cable


FINA-OCC Power Cable


The FINA-OCC utilizes high purity PC-OCC single crystal copper conductors and high temperature resistant PVC insulation. Each core is tight pitched and twisted for a very high copper content per meter. The FINA‹s high purity design is ideal for source components, tube amplifiers, integrated amps and various high end products and is an ideal upgrade cable for any system.
Dynamically impressive and open while providing the purest power transfer to your equipment.

• PC-OCC Single Crystal 6N Copper Conductor
• 14AWG/Core (3X14AWG)
• Tight Pitch Stranding
• 105°C degree PVC
• Cotton filler insulation
• Full coverage shield and drain
• Spaced layer extrusion
• Braid 1: Anti-static direct braid
• Braid 2: (PET) Monofilament
• Black with silver/purple tracers
• Diameter 16.0mm
• Connectors: 24k gold plated AC connectors
• Length: 1.5M