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InControl by Pathos
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InControl MKII

New InControl Mk2 is the natural partner of InPower Mk2, the stunning and powerful final stage produced by Pathos: more versatile, more compact, with a dedicated headphone amplifier and a new design inspired by InPower Mk2.

We decided to keep the name “InControl” for coherence with the previous pre-amplifier, but new InControl Mk2 is so different from the old one to deserve a new name.

Fully balanced differential circuitry

InControl Mk2 hides a fully balanced differential circuitry. We chase prestigious Tung-Sol ECC803S tubes to guarantee a pure and defined sound, with an high gain.

Mk2 version is more compact and light than previous InControl: all Pathos technology used for this pre-stage is held in the chassis, which perfectly matches with InPower Mk2.

InControl MKII
InControl MKII

Versatile and adaptive control

VFD display is the same of InPol Heritage: bigger, clearer, with an adjustable brightness according to your preferences. The large full aluminum knob set the volume with maximum precision. 100 steps have an high dynamic range, in addition to the natural logarithmic progression of decibels: volume control is therefore versatile and adaptable.

This pre-amplifier operates with a remote control, too: we chase the new universal remote control, which allows to drive all our units, including new Converto Mk2 RR. InControl Mk2 has 4 RCA inputs and 2 XLR inputs; optional HiDac Mk2 board adds 4 digital inputs.

We implemented the same headphone amplifier we used for Kratos; its dedicated circuitry supplies 2W32Ohm and let drive most of headphones in the market.

InControl MKII

Tecnical specifications

InControl MKII
InControl MKII

InControl MK2

Type Pre-amplifier, pure class A, fully balanced
Tubes 2x ECC803S Tung-Sol
Max. input voltage 9 Vrms (unbalanced); 18 (9+9) Vrms (balanced)
Input impedance 100K Ohm
Gain Adjustable 6 dB / 12 dB
Frequency response 2 Hz – 200 KHz ± 0,5 dB
Max output voltage Balanced 10+10 Vrms
Unbalanced 10 Vrms
Output polarity Selectable by remote control
Analogue inputs 2 balanced XRL line, 4 unbalanced RCA line
Digital inputs (optional) 2 USB type “B” ports, 1 coaxial SPDIF, 1 optical SPDIF
(Installation of HiDac Mk2 board is required)
Outputs 1 Unbalanced RCA, 1 Balanced XLR
Headphone Specifications
Output power 3,3 W @ 16 Ω , 2 W @ 32 Ω
Max output level 10V RMS
Amplifier 290mm (D) x 360mm (W) x 155mm (H)
Weight 18Kg

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