Dual PrimusMax Turntable




The Primus Maximus is a special, limited edition reference model of which, only 100 units will be handmade to order in Germany.

This flagship model is a showpiece for the best technologies used throughout the history of the Dual company, refining them and carrying them forward into the 21st century.

These key Dual features include:
The twin gimbal tonearm, spring loaded tracking force and direct-drive

The overall result is an understated, high-tech turntable, providing a superb musical experience.



Drive: Direct-drive Referene

Speed settings: 33/45/78

Wow & Flutter: < ±0,04 % (DIN bewertet)


Auto-Start/-Stop-Function: Bearing: 4 x Pivot ball-bearing / twin gimbal mounting

Effective length: 221 mm

Offset Angle: 24°

Overhang: 18,5 mm

Type: dynamically balanced with damping

Stylus Pressure Range: 0 g bis 3 g

Cartridge Weight Range: 5 g bis 12 g

Factory installed pick up: Ortofon Quintet Bronze


Material: Solid Aluminum

Mat: Rubber 4,5 mm

Bearing: Hardened steel spindle sintered metallhousing

Diameter: 304 mm

Weight (incl. Mat) 2800 g


Material: Solid MDF machined solid Alu baseplate

Surface finish: Individual wood veneers personally selected

Feet: Alu Ø 60 mm / Elastomer Height adjustable

Connection: 5 pin Tonearmconnector on RCA cable

Connection to Phono Input: ✓

Connection to Line Input: ✕

Digital Output: ✕

Dimension, closed dustcover: 450 x 370 x 155 mm

Dimension, open dustcover: D: 418 mm / H: 405 mm

Weight: 15 kg

Power plug AC / DC: External power supply

Plinth: Aluminium / Solid MDF

Each unique unit is created individually and the plinth is finished with real wood veneers. The critical components, such as motor, platter and arm are fixed to a 10mm thick aluminium base plate. The heavy top and base plates are connected to minimise vibration.

Platter: Solid Aluminium

The heavy platter, weighing 2.7kg, is machined from a solid block of aluminium and refined with a blasted and eloxated surface finish. The platter weight is exactly matched to the motor regulation in order to reduce wow and flutter to an absolute minimum.

Tonearm: Twin Gimbal Design / Spring loaded tracking force

The tonearm base and both gimbal elements are machined from solid aluminium. Precision pivot ball-bearings are used in conjunction with hardened steel spikes to ensure tightest tollerances within the tonearm assembly over a long lifetime. The tracking force is independent of gravity and adjusted with a torsion spring.

Drive: Direct-drive

The drive unit is engineered and made in Germany. Its regulation is specifically designed for high-end audio application, placing emphasis on stability, with no quick start up times nor high torque. These features are only important for DJ applications and not appropriate in such a high quality system.