Advance Paris X-FTB02 Bluetooth Receiver



aptX HD Bluetooth receiver compatible with MyConnect, PlayStream and Classic range products



Powerful multiprocessor processing  
Unparalleled computing power enabling fast data processing enables our X-FTB02 to deliver high-level musical reproduction. Our X-FTB02 integrates a Dual Core 32-Bit processor combined with a single core at 120Mhz. (24-bit audio interfaces).
The original audio signal is recovered directly in digital at its output stage, so it does not undergo any alteration related to any digital to analog conversion. The conversion being carried out directly by the downstream DAC.

High definition audio
Our X-FTB02 integrates aptX HD. This codec was developed to satisfy demanding music lovers wishing to access high resolution audio. This optimized codec supports 24-bit quality music. This means that the finer details of your music will become audible.