Advance Paris WTX-Streamtubes Tube Network Streamer


Network player with digital and analog tube outputs

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What if you could enjoy the warmth of vinyl with your streaming content?

The Streamtubes has ability to make the music livelier, less aggressive and really “warmer”.
After various prototypes, it turned out that using 5703 subminiature tubes was the perfect solution, so we designed a Class A tube output stage that brought the “magic” of vinyl.
Achieving this result seemed possible to us by combining several technologies and designs. That’s what we did !

The WTX-StreamTubes is a WiFi or ethernet network player, it integrates many streaming services such as Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc., several thousand local, national and global radio stations via TuneIn or vTuner, the playback of your library stored locally on your computer, your smartphones, tablets or network drive (NAS).

The WTX-StreamTubes has complete connectivity. You will be able to connect our Direct Digital X-FTB01 or X-FTB02 HD Bluetooth dongle to it via its proprietary port.

The Advance PlayStream application allowing you to control the WTX-StreamTubes is available for free download from the AppStore (iOS) and GooglePlay store (Android). DLNA compatible.

Thanks to this application, you can control several Advance Paris products with network functionality. You can play the same music in all rooms or different music in each room.

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