Advance Paris A12 Classic Integrated Amp


An integrated with a double – mono typology of great musical quality with tube pre-amplification.


Extend your warranty by 1 year via the Advance Paris website for 3 years of warranty coverage total!


After the success of the A10 classic, Advance Paris offers an even more powerful and flexible version, equipped with more inputs and double mono amplifier construction.

In Advance Paris’s great tradition of designing products with numerous connections, the A12 Classic is no exception to the rule… From HDMI to Phono (MM/MC), analog RCA to balanced XLR, Multiple digital inputs: optical, coaxial and USB, dual subwoofer outputs, 2 speaker zones, Bluetooth (optional with X-FTB01 / X-FTB02).

Great sound quality starts with clean power amplification. The A12 Classic will control virtually any loudspeaker with authority thanks to dual toroidal transformers located on each side of the product. With 190 Watts per channel you can choose any loudspeaker, from bookshelf to large floorstanding models.

Pre-outs are available in a choice of balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) connectors. Up to 2 Subwoofers are easily incorporated and equipped with variable crossover selections.

The AXNUMX has a tremendous amount of advanced technology and flexibility and it never forgets the music as the first priorty!

The “tube” sound
The A12 Classic is equipped with 2 tubes on the pre-amplification stage for a smooth, musical sound.

Bluetooth for all
The A12 Classic offers a choice of optional Bluetooth modules X-FTB01 (aptX) et X-FTB02 (aptX HD) . Once equipped, the A12 Classic will easily playback from smartphones, tablets or computers.

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Standard, with Bluetooth