1877Phono EHX Leather Mat


Retro Leather – Record Mat (NOTE: Leather Color Tones Vary)


Our unique design uses premium distressed and weathered leather making for a mat that is soft and subtle and form fitting to your platter with the sound characteristics of a leather mat that has seen years of use and burn-in . Extends bass range with both Aluminum and Acrylic platters without overpowering the presentation.

• For use with Acrylic or Aluminum platters
• Distressed leather that forms to the platter
• Sonic improvement when used with Aluminum and acrylic platters
• Static dissipating
• Vibration damping
• Machine pressed holes to eliminate slippage
• Non marketing
• Decouples records from platter
• Thickness: 3mm
• Overall diameter: 294mm
• Universal fit