Dual Turntables are back!

Vinyl is back and is again a major part of today’s lifestyle and Dual too has come back to the vinyl scene with new High Fidelity turntables.
There is a type of music for every mood. This could be partying at home with friends, providing the background music for the family meal, or simply being alone and losing yourself in the superb stereo sound of the HI-FI system.

Dual has a wide range of manual and automatic turntables for every situation.

For decades, direct-drive turntables from Dual have been renowned for their quality and reliability. Their rumble-free direct-drive turntables keep the RPM totally stable while operating without noise or vibration.

The advanced twin gimbal precision tonearm is often partnered with an Ortofon pickup.

Some of the turntables come with an auto-stop feature that includes an automatic tonearm lift to reduce wear and tear on the needle as it moves to the end of the record.