New lines, new products, new ideas.

A lot of new products are now in stock at Commercial.

Mark Levinson – Discover details you have never heard before in songs you have listened to a hundred times
We believe every piece of your audio system should be designed to bring you impeccable sound — with nothing added or taken away — so that the only thing between you and your music is the air in the room.
Our world-class engineers spend hundreds of hours developing circuit paths that are free from distortion and power supplies that are specially shielded to eliminate any potential interference. This allows you to uncover the detail, nuances and intricacies within your music without distortion. Feel as if you are right in the room where the song was recorded. Discover an eye-opening listening experience that will take your breath away.

Audiolab – Formed in the early 1980s by Philip Swift and Derek Scotland, Audiolab earned worldwide acclaim with the 8000A – an integrated stereo amplifier that became a classic ‘step-up’ from the budget models of the time.
2015 sees the launch of Audiolab‘s brand new 8300 Series. With a long working relationship with Audiolab, world renowned audio designer Jan Ertner has headed up the design of the 8300 series and more…


Waterfall Speakers – Designer of amazing glass loudspeakers, handmade in France.
Waterfall Audio is a French company, born from a passion for music and beautiful “objects”, a creative mind and a solid team established in 1996 by Cedric Aubriot, the current CEO. From the start, Waterfall positions itself in a “niche” segment of the market with its innovating concept of a speaker made of glass. Marketing and sales of the first products start in November 1999 following 4 years of intensive research and development. Waterfall Audio is closely associated to Atohm, a French company founded by Thierry Comte, a well renowned french manufacturer of exceptional drivers. Atohm is located near Besançon, the heart of high precision engineering in France.

Pathos – Innovative solutions and extraordinary designs, Hybrid amplifiers hand made in Italy.|
Along with the technical innovation, the design and high finish of the products are very important as well. Through the years the idea “uglier they look and better they sound” has been pretty common within the audio business. Pathos proved they were all wrong. Pathos products speak to many of our senses – anyone can appreciate them every day.
Just a look at a Pathos product is enough to make the customer feel, that he/she purchased something exclusive. Sometimes it is better to listen with your eyes open. All Pathos products are hand made in Vicenza (Italy) by following a long tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Only the finest selected components are used to ensure a peerless quality; all products are taken through a careful test-program to guarantee their quality. Unique products deserve unique treatment.

Thorens – In 1956 the Thorens TD 124 set standards in quality and reliability in record reproduction when it appeared on the market. Its elaborately designed drive was based on an idler wheel, which was driven to reduce engine influences by a short belt. The two-piece platter was designed so that a record change without stopping the engine was possible. Initially equipped with the tone arm Thorens TP 14, later came versions with different arm bases and matching plinths. Legendary here was the equipment with long SME 3012 arms. According to the time records could be played at all four speeds (16 / 33.3 / 45/78 rpm). Even today, the Thorens TD 124 is in great demand and prices for maintained devices regularly exceed the then new price many times over.

Dual – Handmade in Germany

The reference models are handmade in small batches. Regional precision suppliers from the local area of our Design Center in

Germany achieve the highest tolerances required in the 21st century. Together we are creating turntables for the most demanding customers.

Dual Design Centre

The new turntables are designed and tested at the new facility. Classic Dual design elements, which have been perfected over decades, are integrated into the new products.

These tried and tested technologies ensure a product substance beyond the visual appearance.