Zesto Audio Andros Vacuum Tube Phonostage 1 (Consignment)


Beautiful to listen to and beautiful to look at. The Zesto Andros PS-1 is an exquisite piece in excellent condition.


We have one Andros Phonostage 1 in on consignment from a customer.

Made in the US, the Zesto Andros PS1 is a dual-mono tubed phono preamplifier with built-in step-up transformer and eight loading options. Its curvaceous, retro-modern exterior doesn’t allow for front-panel controls, but the rear panel is clean, spacious, and logical. Separate moving-magnet and moving-coil inputs permit the simultaneous connection of two tonearms. The Zesto had an addictive, warm overall sound, with plenty of detail, impact, and grace, said MF. “It’s among the more enjoyable and satisfying phono preamplifiers I’ve auditioned at any price,” he concluded.” The Zesto also is an extremely flexible phono preamp. Can plug in both a moving magnet and a moving coil–low or high output–at the same time. And it is adjustable as a dual mono design. Select high or low output MC. And load settings of 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200, 400 or 1,000 ohms. There is even a ground lift switch to deal with hum issues from your tonearm lead or other gear.