Dynaudio Contour 20 White (Display Model)


The Contour 20 standmounter takes everything we know about speaker technology and puts it in a compact, clean, and great-sounding package.


Dynaudio Contour 20

Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V/ 1m)
IEC power handling: 180 Watts
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency response: 39Hz – 23kHz (-3dB)
Box principle: Rear ported bass reflex
Crossover: 2 way
Crossover frequency: 2200 Hz
Crossover slope: 2nd orderSpecification sheet for Product navn part 2
Woofer: 18cm MSP cone
Tweeter: 28mm soft dome
Weight: 15.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 215 x 440 x 360mm

Its sweet-toned Esotar2 soft-dome tweeter has been a legend in its own right for years. It’s commonly regarded as one of the world’s best-ever drivers.

The extended-excursion 18cm woofer, though, is brand new. It’s powered by a lightweight aluminium voice-coil and a vented dual-ferrite magnet system.

It’s made from MSP – a material developed by Dynaudio, who have been using it in their drivers since 1985. MSP gives exactly the right combination of stiffness and damping – which you’ll hear as exactly the right combination of power, finesse, and control. Just what a Contour speaker should have. Dynaudio have taken it further: they’ve varied the diaphragm’s thickness across its surface, which gives even greater control over its sound.

Making a Contour without its signature baffle would be all-near impossible. But, there’s always room for improvement. The new baffle is made from a solid piece of aluminium and set into the cabinet. Its chamfer is included in the driver’s basket – which not only looks great, but also reduces unwanted high-frequency diffraction effects for clearer treble, and provides a solid foundation for the drivers to do their work. A solid foundation means improved high-volume performance at low frequencies.

And although Dynaudio has changed the cabinet’s shape, the new design tips a respectful nod to older Contours. Look at it from the top; you’ll see the old baffle design in its shape. But, it isn’t just for show – the new shape marries those aesthetics with cutting-edge acoustic physics. Its multilayered construction is extremely well-damped, which means the Contour’s sound goes exactly where it’s supposed to: forwards.

Dynaudio has redesigned the internal wiring and crossover, too You won’t see what they’ve done, but you’ll hear the effect: amazingly clear sound, even off to the sides of the speaker