Advance Paris X-P700 Preamplifier



The affordable high-end preamp

Succeeding the X-P500, the X-P700 offers technical refinements rarely encountered in this range: dual mono design and the most direct signal processing possible (Direct Path). Supreme refinement, it is possible to choose between two output schemes: the class A mode using bipolars in double cascade assembly, close to a tube gradient, and the discrete mode, based on a JFet differential and current mirror in the bipolar, polarized in class AB, more traditional. Its design is very straightforward and refined, a single rotary knob is present with a push button to validate the choices: access to inputs, volume adjustment, bass and treble adjustment (with bypass option), balance and loudness compensation selection. All adjustments are also available from the supplied remote control.

The X-P700 is versatile and flexible: nine analog inputs, one of which is balanced, and one MM/MC phono input. Digital inputs: two optical, one coaxial, one USB-B (Xmos) and one USB-A. The DAC is the powerful Burr Brown PCM 1796 -24 bit/192 kHz converter. On the output side, the X-P700 offers full range unbalanced RCA and a balanced XLR, plus a high pass output and two sub outs with selectable crossover frequency. Headphone enthusiasts are pampered: two inputs on the front (6.35 and 3.5 jack) plus a double independent gain adjustment below +6, 0, -4 dB and output impedance 0 or 100 ohms for each headphone jack.

The X-P700 is built for performance, starting with the understated 10mm black methacrylate front panel, common to the Classic Line. But the inside is more revealing of it’s capabilityi: two high-capacity toroidal transformers feed filtered and regulated dual-mono power to the motherboard, which also contains the preamp stages. The quality of the adjustable MC high and low level phono stage, as well as the MM capacity is unusual for this category.

In summary, the X-P700 offers exceptional value. This is what we wanted from the start of the development of this new preamplifier. We didn’t skimp on the quality of components, decoding or power, the kind of attention to detail that adds up to a great sounding product.

The X-P700 is a fantastic preamplifier, it can be paired with our range of power amplifiers such as the famous X-A160 EVO, X-A220 EVO, BX2 or the new X-A600 or any other Audiophile grade power amplifier. Good listening.






Output level 10.5 +/-0.5dB
Frequency response 10Hz-150kHz
Distortion <0,01%
Signal to noise ratio ≥ 110 dB
Channel separation ≥ 100 dB
Imped. unbalanced input 23KΩ
Imped. balanced input 35KΩ
Phono MM/MC input level 48dB/64dB
audio receiver CS8416
AC input 110-230V
consumption max. ≤ 30W
Transformer 2
Width 440 mm
Height 155 mm
Depth 430 mm
Net weight 14,2 kg.
Gross weight 15,6 kg.