Mark Levinson, the legend.

Mark Levinson

A leader in high-fidelity audio since 1972, Mark Levinson was founded by a professional musician who set out to design stereo components that recreated the sound of his music exactly as he heard it in the studio. Fifty years later, that same passion continues to drive Mark Levinson to raise the bar for high-end consumer audio. And our legacy of staying true to the artist’s performance is embodied in every single product we create today.

We believe every piece of your audio system should be designed to bring you impeccable sound — with nothing added or taken away — so that the only thing between you and your music is the air in the room.

Our world-class engineers spend hundreds of hours developing circuit paths that are free from distortion and power supplies that are specially shielded to eliminate any potential interference. This allows you to uncover the detail, nuances, and intricacies within your music without distortion. Feel as if you are right in the room where the song was recorded. Discover an eye-opening listening experience that will take your breath away.

Setting the standard for audio excellence

Mark Levinson has been the reference standard for the ultra-high-end audio component industry ever since the introduction of our very first preamplifier, the LNP-2. By constantly striving to bring you closer to your music, Mark Levinson continues to set new standards of performance through advancements in solid-state circuits, our signature Pure Path design, and the development of innovative audio technologies like the groundbreaking R-2R ladder volume control.