Made in Europe

If you have been living in Vancouver for a good number of years, Commercial Electronics is probably a familiar name, we have been around for 65 years! And if you have been in the HiFi game for a long time, brands like McIntosh, Advent, Martin Logan, Bryston, JBL, Nakamichi, KLH, Luxman, Boston Acoustics, Advent, and Tanberg will also sound familiar. They all graced Commercial Electronics’ display rooms. Today’s lineup at Commercial Electronics looks much different, and most of the lines carried at the store are of European heritage, including Italian, German, French, and Danish. Turntables are back and with a vengeance! German-made Dual and Thorens turntables produce some of the sweetest sounds around. Hand-made Italian Pathos amplifiers splendidly power our Elac and Waterfall speakers and are made in Germany and France, respectively. Did we forget to mention B&O, the quintessence of stunning Danish audio and video equipment that has been with us for over thirty years? There you go!