BG Radia SS-202 In wall surround speaker pair

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SS-202 surround sound loudspeakers provide the best options for filling many listening rooms with an enveloping surround sound experience. It is true that in a controlled space with ideal seating configurations, dipole surround speakers can work very well. In very large rooms with many seats, a line array speaker can produce the most even coverage. For some, who listen to mainly music in surround sound, a direct radiating speaker will localize music cues with pinpoint accuracy. For most people, though, the goal is to have a huge surround soundfield, creating the illusion of having no walls or ceiling, but rather the vastness of whatever scene Hollywood’s magic has conjured. D i f f u s e S o u n d f i e l d S u r r o u n d L o u d s p e a k e r s H i g h – p e r f o r m a n c e a r c h i t e c t u r a l s o l u t i o n s SS-202 SS-303 R A D I A S E R I E S BG Radia has been using their patented advanced Planar Ribbon technology since 1994 to create the world’s finest architectural speakers. Now the SS-202 and SS-303 Diffuse Soundfield speakers complement the rest of their models as used by discerning listeners around the world. BG Radia also makes line arrays, direct radiators and dipolar speakers for those rooms that are best served by those techniques, but for many rooms the ideal solution is a bipolar speaker that produces a very wide dispersion, and exhibits a very consistent spectral balance throughout its response range, perfectly matching all other BG Radia speakers for a seamlessly integrated soundfield.

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