BG Radia SA 500 Architectural Loud Speaker set of 3

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BG Radia SA 500 In Wall Speaker Demo

Sold as set of 3.

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Product Description

Radia SA-500 by BG represents the finest technology ever available in an
architectural loudspeaker. In the heart of the new Radia Series lineup, the SA-500 brings
vivid clarity and lifelike performance to medium to large home theater or music systems.
The frame’s narrow 7” width and elegant contour are an ideal architectural complement to
large flat TV or even large screen projection systems. Yet the SA-500 delivers astounding
sonic performance that belies its modest dimensions.
Like its two larger siblings, the SA-500 features BG’s outstanding wideband planar ribbon
driver, the Neo10, along with BG’s proprietary Neo3 tweeter. The Neo10 is a10” x 5” Planar
Ribbon Midrange Driver based on the company’s proprietary technology. Significantly
larger in size than other BG ribbons, the Neo10 sets new standards for sensitivity, output,
power handling and accuracy. In fact, the driver’s size allows it to move substantial
amounts of air while keeping diaphragm excursion at relatively low levels. Controlled
excursion translates into lower distortion and higher sensitivity while providing amazing
clarity and linear response.
The SA-500’s drivers are configured in a symmetric controlled directivity array. The driver
configuration and crossover frequencies are chosen so that the vertical directivity of the
SA-500 is controlled to +/- 20 degrees and is constant through most of the operational
frequency band. This provides effective reduction of floor and ceiling reflections and
delivers consistent intelligible and spectrally balanced sound in virtually any room and
to a wide area of seats. The SA-500 offers an additional advantage by allowing more
freedom in vertical placement and can always be installed alongside of the screen, even if
the latter is located other than an optimum height.
For the bass section, SA-500 employs new high-performance 5.25” woofers which feature
a powerful Neodymium magnet system and acoustically transparent chassis. The woofers
are optimized for power handling and sensitivity to keep up with the dynamic output of
the Neo10 and Neo3 drivers.

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