Vestax – PMC07PRO – DJ mixer


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$1,125.00 $250.00

Built like a tank
Great crossfader feel
No frills features
Session mix ads tons of options
Two mic inputs

Product Description

Vestax PMC-07 Pro Mixer

The PMC-07PRO has been designed with the new ideas from ISP (Invisibl Skratch Piklz). It is the flagship model among the Vestax range of performance mixers.

The Vestax invention, cross fader reverse switch and curve control knob are provided not only on the cross fader but also on the input faders.

This feature allows DJs to play in different new styles. All of the faders are “photo coupler controlled” which gives them a much longer life and quicker responsiveness.

The world’s first program reverse switch reverses the whole of program 1 and 2. This feature is provided for a battle situation, preventing connection changes for different mixing styles.

3-band EQ with +6 to -24dB range is provide on each program. this powerful EQ enables DJs to create not only equalization but also band elimination.

Master/cue select switch is provided on monitor section. The switch enable selection of the monitor source form cue signal and master output signal.

Session input is provided for connection when DJs perform in group session.

1/4 in. phone jack (TRS balanced) is equipped on master output. The connection is more durable and accurate.

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