KATA Hiker Backpack HB-205

$419.99 $199.99

  • Fits Large Pro Film or Digital SLR Kit
  • Fits Camcorder with Accessories
  • Padded Nylon Backpack
  • TST Protects the Equipment
  • EPH Ergonomic Photo System
  • Double-sided Elements Cover
  • Omega System Backpack Straps
  • Injected Grip Handle
  • Hip Belt

Product Description

The Kata HB-205 GDC (Global Digital Collection) Hiker Backpack uses TST protection to safeguard the camera compartment and the bottom of the case. The main compartment easily accommodates 2-3 Digital or film SLR camera bodies with 6-8 lenses with one up to 400 mm f/ 2.8 or a camcorder with accessories. The case is set up with modular dividers, and if additional division is necessary, Modi-Vers Kits can be purchased. There are two soft TST open pockets for water bottles, small tripod etc., and an assortment of other pockets all work together to provide a carrying and protecting solution for outdoor photographers. A tripod can be carried while attached to the backpack by using the tripod holder.

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