From the 1930’s up until today millions of families recorded some of their most precious moments on Regular and Super 8 film. Over time, even left unwatched and stored in the best possible environments, film will deteriorate and precious memories will be lost forever.

Our film to DVD service can help you keep those memories now and forever in addition to making them much easier to view and share.  All conversions and duplication is done in house.  None of your irreplaceable films or old tapes leave our facility.

Just pop the DVD into your DVD player or computer and voila!


8mm Film /Super 8mm Film : $60 set up fee – then $3.00 per minute of viewable footage.

16mm Film : $100 set up fee – then $6.00 per minute of viewable footage  (Also able to transfer 16mm with optical audio track)

Video Editing: $50 to $75 per hour dependant on content (SD or HD)

Data File: creation or conversion will require a phone conversation.


Here are some examples of old Super 8 film that were converted to digital and then burned to DVD.  Some minor corrections were made to colour and exposure.


TAPE TRANSFER to DVD or Digital file

Much like film, video tapes will over time degrade, lose quality and eventually become unplayable.  The majority of video experts agree that their life-span is 8 to 12 years and they recommend transferring them to another medium after 5 years to be safe.

VHS – HI-8 or Digi-8 – Beta Max : up to 1 hr : $30.00 plus tax and materials

up to 2 hr : $40.00 plus tax and materials


Cassette : $50.00 per hour flat rate (includes cleaning and track separation)

LP : $50.00 per hour flat rate  (includes cleaning and track separation)

¼” reel to reel : $50.00 per hour flat rate  (includes cleaning and track separation)

Data file creation or conversion requires phone conversation


MINI DV – BETA CAM – 3/4” UMATIC – BETA SPDIGI CAM :  $30 to $50 per tape (Dependent on length)

CD – DVD:  Single copy : $10.00 plus tax and materials

2-5 copies :     $5.00 each

6-10 copies :   $4.00 each

11-25 copies : $3.00 each




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