1. IDEAS – Maybe you’ve seen our offerings online or have been to our retail design centre showroom discussing new ideas with our expert sales staff.  However, there may be much more to discovering how appropriate technology can fit into your décor and lifestyle that needs attention.
  2. CONSULT – Our certified professional systems designers can help.  Often, there are interior design challenges that impact your choices and our technical know-how.  Take advantage of our experienced experts by booking a home visit with one of our system designers.  Their wisdom has been gained from years of working with interior designers, architects and craftsmen in homes of all sizes and budget ranges.
  3. MAKE IT RIGHT – Our designer will take measurements, assess logistics and ask the questions required to make appropriate technology work right for you and your home.  This will be formulated into a ‘project scope’ document that will be presented to you in our boardroom.
  4. ENJOY IT – Our design engineer will have the precise solution that matches your needs and desires, be it controlled lighting, shades, audio-video distribution, climate control or a private video theatre for friends and family.  Everything neatly fitting the scope and style of your unique environment and lifestyle.  You will also be pleased to know that our expert technical professionals will take care of the entire package from start to walk-through.

Commercial Electronics is all about making design, technology and user-friendliness come together in your home. Together, our design centre sales staff and our certified professional designers will work hand-in-glove with any size of project you have in mind.  Whether you are looking for a high performance music system for your listening room, a video theatre for your condo or a completely integrated ‘smart-home’ customized with all the technology hidden away, our design consultation services are second to none in the industry.

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