Our Custom Process

Design & Engineering

At Commercial Electronics we see design as a translation of our clients’ needs and requirements into solutions that enhance their lifestyles. First and foremost, design for us is about consulting with our clients, stimulating their ideas and visions and advising them on appropriate solutions. Good design is more than just assembling technologies and creating drawings, it is about working with our clients to find unique and easy-to-use solutions to their every-day needs.

When working on a custom project, regardless of the scope, we will ensure that the final product provides you with the lifestyle solutions that are the most appropriate for you, your timeline and your budget!

Installation and Integration

We will ensure that your designed system is installed neatly into your home or office. To do this we pre-assemble the components and perform extensive pre-testing. On site, we work cleanly and efficiently and test our installed systems rigorously. It is important to us that the result of every installation is no less than total customer satisfaction.








Maintenance & Client Training

Upon the completion of your system we will provide you with a customized user manual and thorough, personalized training.

All of our custom projects come with a premium one year warranty on the Commercial Electronics installation. After one year, and after having experienced the quality of our work in design, installation, and servicing, you will be provided with a choice of maintenance and service plans.


At Commercial Electronics we make sure that every system we design and install is as future-proof as possible. The integration market and the audio/video market is subject to continual improvements and advancements. At Commercial Electronics we recognize the fast pace of these markets and we continually research, investigate, train and evaluate products to identify and anticipate future changes in technology. By identifying future trends and products we are able to plan for future changes and design your systems to be ready to accommodate these changes easily and efficiently, should you so desire.


What is your décor, and how do you want to access your systems? In a cabinet or closet…behind art or a tapestry…up from the floor, down from the ceiling…. or simply on a credenza or stand?


Who will use the system and what media will be played? Is this your permanent home or a get-away? Do family members speak other languages or have special needs?


Are you looking for a high level of home automation, or simple solutions? Whatever your needs, we’ll design system access that is easy to use and control by all.


We offer a wide range of products and design solutions that are appropriate for most budgets.


As our industry evolves, we identify important developments and reject empty fads. We’ll use our expertise to help future-proof your home and your investment.

Lighting & Window Shades

Controlling interior and ambient light sets the right tone for home entertaining and everyday lifestyle activities. Easily choose “scenes” and use less energy.


Wireless vs Wires

New wireless technology reduces labour costs and can make otherwise impossible installations relatively easy. Wired systems, however, remain the ‘gold standard’ for performance and reliability. We’ll help you decide what works best for your budget.

Box vs In-Wall Speakers

Small speakers make surround sound clutter-free, but getting unrestrained natural sound from them can be tricky. Large floor standing speakers may not be your design choice.  Accurate sound is the critical emotional foundation of home entertainment; we have a variety of speaker options and the right degrees of invisibility for your design aesthetics and entertainment needs.

Flat panel TVs vs projectors and 3D Movies

Until recently, flat-screen video displays felt  small when it came to movies. New 70” and 103” panels offer big screen performance. Projection video is excellent for viewing true widescreen and 3-D movies. We have a wide variety of solutions for your video needs; we’ll help you find what’s best for you.

Blu-Ray DVD vs Streaming

Should you upgrade to Blu-Ray, opt for video streaming (i.e. Netflix) or stay with DVD? We’ll explain the tradeoffs and help you choose the solution that is most sensible for you.

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