High Performance Home Theatre and Hi-Fi

NAD Amplifiers and Receivers

The absolute rock-bottom principle from which NAD design philosophy operates is that good design is never at the listener’s expense.

Complexity is the enemy of good performance in audio equipment. Every step up in the elaboration of an electronic circuit is another chance to get it wrong – to introduce something that degrades the final accuracy of sound by forcing the signal to go around an extra corner on the way to the listener. In NAD’s view, unnecessary elaboration and expense go hand in hand with unnecessary distortion of some aspect of performance. Going for simplicity and high value encourages the kind of thinking that produces excellence.

Everything that does not go into showroom appearance and needless bells and whistles in NAD equipment goes instead into internal component parts of extremely high quality. Inside their systems, you will find parts you otherwise would see only in very expensive equipment. NAD puts their focus on the inside where it counts, and you will hear the results.

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